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  • Robert Specter

    robert_for_web-e1351690101652Robert Specter, President of Rock of Israel, is a Missionary to the Jewish people. He was born in the country of Haiti to missionaries, and raised on the foreign mission field. Robert’s father, Hyman grew up as an orthodox Jew. As a young adult, Hyman had found that Jesus is the Messiah and wanted to tell it to the whole world. Likewise, Robert, as a young man, traveled by bicycle 8000 miles “Pedaling for Christ” and since then has traveled to Europe, Russia, Brazil, Argentina, Finland, Japan, Hungary, and of course, Israel. This has given him a global perspective. His travels and experience point to one overriding belief or philosophy, “We must allow God to make us His Light to the Nations just as Israel was meant to be.” Biography   Robert’s Blog

  • Doug Carmel

    Doug Carmel
    Doug Carmel

    Forgiveness. How does one really get it? That was my question. Deep down I knew there had to be something more than just one day of fasting a year to secure forgiveness, but what was it? Somehow the TV evangelists had impressed me with the fact that forgiveness and Jesus went together, and I was passionately driven to understand how it all worked. There was no putting this off any longer. As the girl’s button had said, “Sin now, pray later,” but now I knew for certain that God had not promised me that there would be a ‘later’. I sought out how to be forgiven with all my heart. The synagogue had never spoken clearly of any afterlife and I didn’t want to walk into the foreign territory of a church – I was Jewish! But I remembered an organization I’d heard of named Jews for Jesus! Obviously there are other people who are Jewish and believed in Jesus!          Testimony      Ministry


  • Jay Dockins

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    Jay Dockins

    Born and raised in a believing gentile home, Jay received a love and respect for the Jewish people instilled in him as Jesus was presented as being both Jewish and the Promised Messiah! After graduating from Bible College and being in ministry for many years, Jay felt led into ministry to the Jewish people!As the burden grew and developed, Jay joined the ministry staff of Rock of Israel Staff Ministries in 2006. As a Staff Minister with Rock of Israel, Jay helps to lead and train the volunteers who participate in the evangelistic outreaches with Rock of Israel, preaches and teaches in local churches, officiates at Passover Seders, and represents the ministry at large ministry gatherings.