Winter 2013 Newsletter

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winter update 2013

Summer 2013 Newsletter

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Summer update 2013

Join Rock of Israel for Tour of Israel, Nov 11-22, 2013!

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Rock of Israel has anov13_israel_tour_ad trip to Israel planned for November 11 – 22 this year! Our trip includes sights like Petra, Jordan, and other sights not on a normal 10-day tour! Check out the 12-day Itinerary.  If you want to join us print the Application Form, fill it out and mail it to Journey’s Unlimited (address is on the form). Here’s the information on Terms, Conditions, and Registration which gives all the fine-print stuff.
If you want to talk to someone about this trip, please phone or email Rock of Israel at 513-874-2566 or  The cost is $4,298 per person.

Winter 2012 Newsletter

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Our staff reminisced at our staff conference about the highlights this past 2011 year. Here are some of the events and outreaches that took place:

  • Rose Parade outreach- New Years
  • South Florida Fair outreach
  • Florida State Fair outreach in Tampa
  • New Jersey Fair outreach
  • Manhattan, NY outreach
  • Canadian National Exposition, Toronto outreach
  • U of M Ann Arbor, MI and three other college campus outreaches
  • One day outreach at the World Choir Games in Cincinnati
  • Made a presence for God on the Yahoo Answers board

OVER 46,000 Gospel tracts distributed and hundreds of Jewish witnessing conversations. For more news on this and other items, read the Winter 2012 Newsletter.

Summer 2012 Newsletter

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Commercial booths at Fairs, Street Evangelism, College Campus, On the Internet, and Exhibits at Christian Conferences.

A Jewish vendor recently came to my booth at a conference that we were both exhibiting at to say that she was very offended by us and specifically a piece of our literature. I am not sure how she got it, if someone gave it to her or she saw it at our booth. The piece she was referring to was “Hey, Rock of Israel… Help!” The brochure gives a few pointers on sharing the Messiah with your Jewish friends. She, Lindsey, pointed to the suggested language or words to use instead of more traditional Christian lingo, ie using “Messiah” instead of “Christ” (both refer to Yeshua’s {Jesus’} title- “the anointed one.”).  Read more of the Summer 2012 Newsletter

Summer 2011 Newsletter

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On November 7 of this year (2011)  Robert and Carrie Specter will be hosting a small group on a Holy Land Tour. Please let us know if you would like to join the group. The cost is about $3,000 from NYC.  Read more about this and other news in the Summer 2011 Newsletter.

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