Washington State Fair Outreach

Robert Specter writes:

We had a wonderful 17 days at the Washington State Fair, September 11-27. This was our second year at this fair which draws over one million attendees! Over 3,000 gospel tracts and gospel bookmarks were handed out. We talked to religious Jews, secular Jews, atheist Jews, Israelis, and Praise God, truth seeking Jews!

I had a great encounter with Stacy. She is Jewish and seeking truth. I told her I would pray that God would reveal the truth through a dream or give her some sign that Jesus is the Messiah. She had tears in her eyes as she walked away. Here are some other names of Jewish people to pray for: Beryl, Bonny, Samuel, Miriam, Adam, Jimmy, Edwin, Valerie, Nolan, Eli and many others.WA1

We also talked with many Christians who were surprised to find out that there were some Jewish people who believed in Jesus. We reminded them that there have always been Jewish believers since Yeshua’s first disciples, who were Jews. We also gave them literature and books to help them share their faith with their Jewish friends and family. Special thanks to Nathan Grapes, Brook Kittle, Rachel and Michael Bielefeld, and other volunteers who helped us man the booth. The hours were long, especially the weekends (9am to 11pm!) and we couldn’t have done it with out help.

New Rock of Israel Website

August 2015

We are proud to announce a new website for Rock of Israel. Using the latest web technology for mobile devices we’ve enhanced the site to display properly and efficiently on all devices – desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones. We invite you to try it out!

California State Fair Outreach

July 2015

Last month Rock of Israel set up a booth at the California State Fair. We manned it between 10 to 12 hours a day for 17 days straight. As you can imagine, we had many people stop by because of all the Jewish products we had displayed.  Just to let you know we LOSE money at these events (due01-CalState-July15 to the very high cost of booth rental space and travel and lodging) but the conversations we have with people are priceless! One was with a Jewish vendor, a young guy maybe 24 named Shmuel (Samuel).  He was very open, listened to the message and took a book offered him by our staff.  He promised to read at least one of the Jewish testimonies in there.  All in all – we had a dozens of conversations with believers and non-believers at our booth. Gave away hundreds of bookmarks and tracts – and filled up pages of believers emails for our newsletter sign-up sheets.

Robert’s Biography

robert_for_web-e1351690101652Robert Specter, President of Rock of Israel, is a Missionary to the Jewish people. He was born in the country of Haiti to missionaries, and raised on the foreign mission field. Robert’s father, Hyman grew up as an orthodox Jew. As a young adult, Hyman had found that Jesus is the Messiah and wanted to tell it to the whole world. As a young man, Robert traveled by bicycle 8000 miles “Pedaling for Christ” and since then has traveled to Europe, Russia, Brazil, Argentina, Finland, Japan, Hungary, and of coarse, Israel. This has given him a global perspective. He says his travels and experience point to one overriding belief or philosophy, We must allow God to make us His Light to the Nations just as Israel was meant to be. In 1981 Robert received a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree from Evangel University and augmented his education with Bible courses from Fuller Theological Seminary. In 1992, after ministering 13 years on staff, Robert was appointed President by the Rock of Israel’s Board of Directors. God then called Robert to move the Rock of Israel’s headquarters from California to Ohio in December 1993. Robert has officiated Passover Seders, “Jesus in the Jewish Feasts” presentations, and ministers in churches the call to evangelize both “to the Jew first and also to the Greek” (Rom. 1:16). He has led ministry teams in street witnessing and other outreaches in many major US cities. He has planned and taught several seminars on Jewish Ministry and held workshops at conferences and conventions. Robert is also the Secretary/Treasurer of The Resource Center for Jewish Ministry. Robert and Carrie live near Cincinnati, Ohio, the birthplace of Reform Judaism in the United States.