Rock of Israel Ministries


“Brothers, my heart’s deepest desire and my prayer to God for Israel is for their salvation: for I can testify to their zeal for God” Romans 10:1

The Rock of Israel is dedicated to reaching Jewish people with the good news that their Messiah has come and will soon return! We proclaim JESUS in a distinctly JEWISH way.

Jesus, the Rock of Israel, is the Jewish Messiah. He was born to the Jewish people and sent out to minister among them, to preach a Jewish message. Like Him, we long to communicate God’s eternal message in a way that will draw Israel (the Jewish People) back to its solid foundation. We offer a variety of educational programs to edify Believers and help them to understand their Jewish heritage. Through sermons, teachings, demonstrations, and visual presentations, ROCK OF ISRAEL shares the exciting message of God’s Word concerning Israel and Believers. As scriptures are presented in a Jewish context in which they were originally given, Believers will grow in their commitment to the will and plan of God. With Jesus, the ROCK OF ISRAEL, as your foundation, and one of the programs from ROCK OF ISRAEL in your church, a blessed, biblically based, time will be had by all.


ROCK OF ISRAEL’S wide range of outreach to the Jewish people includes: telephone counseling and prayer, evangelistic TV and newspaper ads, street evangelism, spiritual and financial assistance to Israel’s Messianic congregations and partnership with other Jewish ministries to see that similar evangelistic visions and goals are met.


Every year ROCK OF ISRAEL takes the message of Yeshua (Jesus) to the streets of America through Street Evangelism . We take volunteers from churches of all denominations and train them in evangelism. Thousands of tracts are handed out, and many lives are touched with the Gospel message.


Jesus spoke of phylacteries. Do you know what they look like, or what they are? Do you understand the significance of the Passover Feast or other Biblical Jewish celebrations? What about Old Testament prophecies? Are they understood in the context of Scriptural truth? ROCK OF ISRAEL’s services cover a wide range of topics, including Jewish Evangelism, each designed to enlighten the body of Messiah. The goal of ROCK OF ISRAEL staff ministers is to provide new insights and offer a fresh understanding of the Word of God. Our staff is also trained to clearly communicate the claims of Jesus in such a way that both Jewish and non-Jewish audiences can respond to the invitation to accept Messiah.


ROCK OF ISRAEL material includes evangelistic literature and books. We also have reference books teaching the church about their Jewish heritage, as well as teaching, testimonies, and music cassettes and CD’s. We also carry some Judaica, such as Shofars, Jewelry, Menorahs and Prayer Shawls. Our staff ministers can host trips to Israel — Visit the Holy Land with a distinctively Jewish flavor.


The purpose and mission of ROCK OF ISRAEL MINISTRIES is to share the gospel with God’s Chosen People, the Jews, and to motivate Believers around the world to evangelize the Jewish people through a Jewish understanding of Yeshua ha Mashiach, Jesus the Messiah.


We believe that the Bible, composed of the Holy Scriptures, (the Old Testament or Tanakh and the New Testament or Brit Hadashah ), is the only infallible and authorative Word of God. We believe in the deity of Yeshua ha Mashiach (Jesus, the Messiah). We believe in Messiah’s sinless life, His vicarious death as our kapporah (atonement), his bodily resurrection, and His personal future return for believers in Yeshua (both living and dead). We believe that the only means of being cleansed from sin is through faith in the shed blood (the sacrifice of Yeshua ha Mashiach), and the regeneration by the Holy Spirit is absolutely essential for personal salvation. We believe in the present ministry of the Holy Spirit (Ruach ha Kodesh) by whose indwelling the Believer is enabled to live a godly life. We believe that the New Covenant Body of the Lord is composed of both Jews and Gentiles who have accepted Yeshua ha Mashiach as the promised Redeemer.